The Bay Treasure Chest Weekly Toonie 50-50 lottery  was established in early 2014 as a fundraising partnership by five local non-for-profit service organizations. In 2017, the group was expanded to include two additional organizations; similarly in 2019 another partner was added, for a total of eight.

In March 2020, the Weekly Toonie Draw was temporarily suspended due to concerns about COVID-19 community spread. In June of that year, Bay Treasure Chest Association announced a new Monthly Online 50-50 lottery that people could play from the safety of home. The Toonie Draw was resumed in August, with the first draw being August 12. It was then suspended again after the November 25th draw due to renewed COVID concerns. The Monthly Online 50-50 continues to operate.

Weekly Toonie 50-50

A winning number is drawn every Wednesday and, if the number was played, the winner will receive 50% of the week’s revenue and any accumulated rollover amounts. If the winning number was not played, the rollover prize money is added to the next week’s draw.

Monthly Online 50-50

A winning number will be drawn on the last Thursday of each month; the winner receives 50% of the month’s jackpot.

For both draws, the remaining 50% is shared among the Bay Treasure Chest Association Partners after expenses are paid.

The BTCA community, or catchment area, is defined as Districts 12 and 13 of the Halifax Regional Municipality and District 2 of the Municipality of Chester, as per BTCA By-Law 3.1.

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Sponsors & Partner Organizations


Many thanks to The Masthead News for publishing Bay Treasure Chest information, and CoveFM for announcing the draw results on Wednesday nights, 6-7pm.



The St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association was established as a non-profit volunteer association in 2003. Inspired by the Bay’s natural beauty, our primary focus is to safeguard its environment and to protect and enhance its unique quality of life. Our stewardship embraces the Bay’s entire coastal-shed from Peggy’s Cove in the east to Bayswater in the west and includes the watersheds of all six great rivers which flow into the Bay from deep in the province’s interior. We speak to and facilitate discussion of diverse Bay issues ranging from human development and planning to the environment.

We celebrate the Bay, its history, and its culture by hosting and supporting festivals and events and working hard to protect for posterity its significant natural and built resources. In 2007 we raised a million dollars to purchase and sustain in perpetuity Micou’s Island and its historic early 19th century fisher’s cottage. In 2008, we established the Heart of the Bay Endowment Fund to protect other Bay islands, heritage properties, and special places. In 2012, with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, we raised another million dollars to purchase and protect Troop Island, and with the provincial government have now expanded the Bay’s inventory of protected islands to include 12 out of 31. We played a major role in helping to establish the 8,600 hectare Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area and continue to have a significant impact on planning policy for the entire Halifax Regional Municipality.

The SMBSA is led by a 15-member board and a growing network of some 600 core supporters. Our membership reaches deep into the Bay’s fabric with diverse formal and informal organizational alliances representing every aspect of Bay life.




The St. Margaret’s Bay Area Rails to Trails Association (SMBARTA) manages and maintains the 32.5 kilometres of trail that run from Hubley to Hubbards for the benefit of residents and visitors.  Their goal is to provide a safe and scenic route for active transportation and wellness activities.










BayRides offers door to-door, accessible and affordable transportation in the St. Margaret’s Bay area from Hubley (Hwy 103 exit 4) to Queensland and West Dover to Yankeetown Rd., Hammonds Plains. The service operates Monday to Friday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm connecting residents to their community using an 8 passenger accessible bus, a 4 passenger accessible van and a fleet of volunteer drivers. Rides must be booked 24 hours in advance to allow time for scheduling. In addition, evening and weekend service, and service to Halifax for medical appointments is possible but is based on driver availability, time and kilometers. Service outside of regular hours requires additional time to schedule. BayRides provides service to all including: seniors, youth, those requiring accessible transportation, and individuals in the community without access to transportation.

The support of Bay Treasure Chest enables BayRides to keep their rates affordable for all and to provide rider subsidies to individuals in-need. In addition, through partnership with the Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay, BayRides offers a free weekly Seniors Grocery Shuttle on Tuesdays, alternating between Sobey’s and Superstore in Upper Tantallon.

For more information about BayRides, to book and ride, or find out about volunteer opportunities, visit the website: or give us a call (902) 820-6600.



Estabrooks Community Hall (formerly known as the Bay Road Fire Hall), was renamed in September 2015 after local resident Bill Estabrooks.

There are three halls inside the 10,000 square foot building. The upstairs hall includes a full size wall chalkboard, a private bathroom and seats 75 people. This room is great for meetings or other small activities. Our front hall (sports hall) is an open concept great for floor hockey, basketball, skateboarding and other sports. Great for a sports birthday party or even a bouncy castle adventure with our high 14 foot ceiling. The back hall (dance hall ) is where weddings, sit-down meals, dances, merchandise bingos and birthday parties take place. 150 people can be seated with tables & chairs along with a band or DJ. 

Our hall is home to many groups from within the community with over 500 people walking through our doors weekly. 250 Vimy Air Cadets, Lifeboat Church, Tuff It Out Fitness, Stroller Fitness with Jolene, Scouts Canada, Gone But Never Forgotten Grief Support Group and Vitality Skateboarding. All ages and walks of life are welcomed in our hall.

The dedicated board and volunteer committee adhere to the saying “MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK”. We are committed to be a part of our community and always give back through fundraisers for other groups and individuals that need assistance. Check out our Facebook Page, drop us an email or give us a call 902-405-6511 if you are interested in a rental space.


The Hammonds Plains Community Centre is located in the heart of Hammonds Plains, 2041 Hammonds Plains Road at the Glen Arbour Way intersection. The building dates back to 1939 when it was built as a two-room schoolhouse. It has operated as a community hall since 1969 and has hosted many weddings, birthday parties, community events and weekly programs. The Firefighters’ Hall occupies approx. 2,200 square feet of space and features a stage, fully stocked bar, air conditioning, wireless internet, and available sound system and projector/screen. The kitchen is commercially-licensed, has been recently renovated and also serves as a meeting room.







The seed for the Hubbards Farmers’ Market was planted in the late spring of 1996 by three passionate gardeners who wanted to shop locally and buy quality locally produced foods.  Thanks to an offer from the Aspotogan Heritage Trust, an old cattle barn and the surrounding property near the community centre was upgraded to its current state as the Hubbards Barn & Community Park; the Barn has been the home of the Hubbards Farmers Market since 2001. We are now in our 18th year of operation providing a strong, vibrant venue for over 35 local producers, showcasing local musicians and able to offer free space to community groups.  The Barn and its property are also available to rent for weddings, art shows, auctions, barn dances, fitness classes, family reunions, craft workshops and much more. In 2017 an outdoor timber frame memorial pavilion was built in the meadow behind the barn to enhance the property for a variety of events.


The Bay Youth Hub represents the young people of St. Margaret’s Bay. It is made up of three local organizations representing a broad range of ages and interests: GPI Youth; Unicorn Theatre; and St. Margaret’s Bay Toy Library.

GPI Atlantic Youth, the coordinating member, is a youth volunteer organization under the auspices Genuine Progress Index Atlantic, a charitable non-profit. GPI Youth provides internships and volunteer intensive skills development and service experiences around the four pillars of environment, culture, economy, and civic engagement. Currently, GPI Youth has a special focus on youth creating solutions for sustainable transportation in St. Margarets Bay and in how youth can connect to their community. Margarets Bay. For more information, please contact Gwen Colman, or visit our website

GPI Youth will match funds raised by the Bay Treasure Chest in order to offer a small grant program to youth age 13 to 25 who want to create a project that connects youth to the larger community. We will host a series of workshops so youth can learn how to write a project proposal at our studio space upstairs at Paul’s Hall in Glen Haven and at local schools. Results of the youth-led projects will be published and shared with the larger community of St. Margaret’s Bay.

The St. Margaret’s Bay Toy Library is a not-for-profit community group that operates Wednesdays from 9:30-11:30, September to June, at Giant Steps Children’s Centre, 15 French Village Station Rd, Upper Tantallon. Our program is targeted towards parents and caregivers with children 5 years of age and under and has operated since 1987 in the Bay. The Toy Library is a place where children learn to play together, share and interact in a positive cooperative environment. Our playgroup includes free play, crafts, and a healthy snack. While the children play adults can enjoy making friends and sharing experiences. For more information, please contact or visit our website

The St. Margaret’s Bay Toy Library uses the proceeds from the Bay Treasure Chest to give children and caregivers a unique playgroup experience every week. BTC helps us to create a play based learning experience by helping us purchase new toys, engage children in multimedia experiences and host fun themed events for local families. It helps instill a sense of community and fosters development in our local children.

Unicorn Theatre is a wonderful place where children Grade 2 and up can take part in many theatrical activities, and where young people of all ages (and their parents) can enjoy a program of excellent live theatre created especially for them. The Unicorn Theatre has operates throughout the year with two major productions a year in the Fall and in the Spring. For more information, please contact Iris Elliott, or visit our website




The Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay is a not-for-profit registered society whose purpose is to help seniors in the St. Margaret’s Bay area maintain control over their lives and realize their retirement dreams; it presents opportunities for them to share their skills and experience. The association helps local seniors participate in social, community and wellness activities and has a long-term goal to assist in finding affordable accommodation in our area.

Residents of the St. Margaret’s Bay area live in a “community of communities” – each with its own heritage and network of neighbours. This diversity makes for challenges to identify and meet the needs of seniors. We serve long-time residents of the area, and those who have relocated to enjoy a retirement and lifestyle unique to the Bay; we work with community groups and other organizations, and reach out to those who may not come forward.

Many resources such as a Local Services Directory to assist seniors and their families living in the St. Margaret’s Bay area can be found on our website The Association operates a Seniors Information Centre located inside the SMB Community Enterprise Centre at Unit 1 – 5229 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Upper Tantallon, NS B3Z 4R9. Telephone 902-820-3334 (leave a message if no answer) or email Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10am-2pm (July and August 10am-noon.)




Since its inception in 2001, the Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust (“the Trust”) has worked diligently to preserve in perpetuity the natural habitat, watersheds, and wildlife of Crown Lands within the area bounded by Highways 103 and 333. A high point in its history occurred on October 25, 2011, when Nova Scotia Environment protected 8,266 hectares (20,425 acres) of Crown lands within the Trust’s geographic boundaries as a protected Wilderness area. The area is now formally known as the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area (FBLWA).

The Trust did not achieve this plateau on its own. The Woodens River Watershed Environmental Organization, the Safety Minded ATV Association, the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association, and the Beechville Lakeview Timberlea Rails to Trails Association all played significant roles in garnering support from individuals, environmental and recreational organizations, homeowner associations, and elected officials. Politicians and bureaucrats in both departments of Natural Resources and Environment repeatedly cited the work of local community groups as a compelling factor in selecting the FBLWA as a candidate for protection.

The Trust serves the community by protecting, preserving, conserving and restoring the natural habitat, watersheds and wildlife in and adjacent to the protected area. Over the years, its principal focus has been in organizing and coordinating the work of community groups, serving as a link between the community and all three levels of government, publishing information about the FBLWA through its website, newsletters, and pamphlets, sponsoring conservation and clean-up projects, and providing ongoing support to the Council of Community Organizations (COCO), which keeps the public abreast of current community issues through by-monthly “town hall” meetings. More information about the Trust can be found on its website:

The Trust is a founding and active member of the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area Coalition whose members meet with Nova Scotia Environment staff to coordinate and support Stewardship activities on behalf of the FBLWA.



The Lions & Food Bank Community Hub (LFBCH) became a Bay Treasure Chest (BTCA) partner as of the BTCA AGM March 24, 2019. The Hub consists of the following three community organizations, all of whom are a registered Society with the NS Registry of Joint Stocks: St. Margaret’s Bay Lions Club, St. Margaret’s Bay Food Bank and Hubbards Lions Club.

All three organizations have a history of working together for the common good of residents. For instance, the SMB Food Bank and SMB Lions have been working together on annual Road Tolls to raise funds for seeing-eye dogs and the Food Bank. The SMB and Hubbards Lions work together on annual Christmas Toy Drives. They believe they are stronger working together.

The St. Margaret’s Bay Lions Club has been a Charter member of Lions International since 1987 and received registration as a Society with NS Stocks on 14 November 2018. The club has 23 current members comprising an executive and several committees. Meetings are held twice monthly at the St. Margaret’s Centre in Upper Tantallon. Annual Road Tolls are held to raise monies for seeing-eye dogs. We have raised more money for seeing-eye dogs than any other Lions Club in Canada. The club also holds an annual Road Toll to raise money for the SMB Food Bank. Over 700 Christmas trees are sold every year to raise money to assist residents in the community with medical needs, food vouchers and eye glasses. Funds are also used for student bursaries and assisting youth organizations, such as Vimy 250 air cadets, with operational expenses. Annual fund raisers are also held for Christmas Daddies, folks with diabetes and children with special needs. The club also has an in-house stock of donated medical equipment to loan out, such as wheel chairs, walkers, canes, etc. Semi-annual road cleanups are also carried out.

The St. Margaret’s Bay Food Bank was established as a Registered Charity in 1993. Its mission is to provide food and clothing to those families in need in the Bay area. Currently, there are 120 families in St. Margaret’s Bay who are registered with Feed Nova Scotia. Although the Food Bank’s dream is for folks not to have to use the food bank at all, the numbers increase every year. The Food Bank operates a Thrift Store near the Tantallon Cross Roads, which is becoming over-crowded and an alternate larger space in the area is much needed. There are approximately 100 volunteers, ten of which are serve as Board members, 16 to operate the Thrift Store, seven clothing collectors, 45 Road Toll volunteers and eight who are currently assisting with the weekly BTC counts. The Food Bank is supported by schools, churches, businesses, clubs and organizations within the Bay area, including the Lions club and resident associations in Westwood Hills and Haliburton who hold Christmas food drives.

The Hubbards Lions Club was established as a Society with NS Registry of Joint Stocks in 1973. The club currently comprises 17 members who meet twice monthly and who, along with an additional 25 volunteers, raise monies to assist adults and children in the area with social services and special needs, as well as local schools. Fund raisers include monthly fish fries, pancake breakfasts, bingo, crib/dart night and road tolls. Annual Christmas Toy Drives are held and hampers are prepared and distributed to families in the Hubbards area. The club owns its own building which provides a ‘safe haven’ in the event of a disaster.