Stories from Bay Treasure Chest Winners

November 7, 2018: Andrew Mason wins $10,359 with #22459

Andrew Mason, left, of Upper Tantallon gets his cheque from BTCA director Harry Ward at Superstore, where he played his winning number. When BTC revealed the winner’s name on Facebook there were at least two very disappointed individuals named Andrew Mason.

“I know, there are a few Andrew Masons in the Bay!” says Andrew. “I was home when I found out I won. I was flying to Indianapolis the next day to visit my brother, busy packing. I saw a couple of missed calls on my phone, then checked my BTC email, and saw the winner listed as “Andrew??”. And then the number: 22459. So I called my parents to double check– probably half the weeks they put the toonie in for me.

“My mom has played for a number of years. They weren’t doing well in February, so I basically moved out there for a month and a half, playing for them while I was there, and then thought, ‘I might as well play myself.’

“I was surprised when it finally dawned on me that I won!

“I haven’t really had time to think about what I’ll do with the money. Christmas is right around the corner… some people are going to be bugging me for gifts now,” he says, laughing.

“Otherwise, I also have a brother who lives in London, England, so I’ll probably plan a trip to visit him.”

Happy trails to Andrew Mason.