Stories from Bay Treasure Chest Winners


July 10, 2019: Michele Covin wins $12,327 with #25866

Michele Covin with Shelley Glover of Redmond’s.

It was Michele’s daughter Amanda who first became a Bay Treasure Chest player; she then registered a number for her mother, and got her Gran involved as well. Amanda says it is a fun thing they do. They get together and mark their stickers, then place them onto the toonies; Amanda plays them.

Amanda’s encouragement has paid off for her Mom, who of course was thrilled when notified and still very happy yesterday when she got her cheque. She says she needs to figure out what to do with her winnings. When Shelley Glover (shown right), of Redmond’s — and also a regular Bay Treasure Chest volunteer — presented the cheque to Michele, she reminded her to buy something nice for herself!

June 26, 2019: Cailin O’Neil wins $25,620 with #21929

Cailin O’Neil, of Black Point, with her cheque for $25,620 and bright smile.

Cailin O’Neil of Black Point, who won $25,620 with her number 21929 on June 26, is a travel writer. “I’m planning possibly a trip to Japan — I’ve been trying to go there. I’m also going to give some money to my parents and my sister, because I play with them. Maybe I’ll even pay off credit cards and have some nice meals. Who knows?”

June 12, 2019: Doug O’Toole Jr. wins $39,215 with #3959

Doug O’Toole, Upper Tantallon, is pictured with his girlfriend, Amanda — and cheque for $39,215.

On June 12, Doug O’Toole Jr, from Upper Tantallon, won $39,215 when his number 3959 was drawn. Doug, who has been playing BTC for five years, says his Mom generally plays his toonie and those of his sister and brother at Redmond’s. As a carpenter, he says, “the wet spring has held up my out-of-doors work and made some of the pay cheques a bit skinny… This could not come at a better time!” He remains happily unsure what specifically he might do with his winnings.


May 22, 2019: Jamie Bailey wins $38,952 with #3276

Jamie Bailey receives his cheque from BTC’s Gwen Colman at Redmond’s, where he played his lucky number.

Jamie Bailey of Hubley says he thought he was going to pass out when heard over the phone from BTC’s Gwen Colman  that he won; when he picked up the cheque at Redmond’s later the same day, he had to sit down again. Although he will pay bills with some of the winnings, he’s happy to give his son a great birthday when he turns 14 tomorrow, he says…. He also plans to help out some friends and take a trip. Congrats and bon voyage!


May 1, 2019: Gordon Price wins $24,145 with #16256

Redmonds staffer Graeme Hill, left, with Hubley winner Gordon Price.

Upon finding out he was a winner, Gordon Price, of Hubley, exclaimed, “Oh! Too good to be true. I often wondered if Bay Treasure Chest even had my information… I know now.” His wife forgot her phone at home the day he won so he was unable to let her know the good news right away. “We have to discuss where the money will go,” Gordon says. “There’s windows and doors that need to be replaced; we may put an amount on the mortgage.”


April 17, 2019: Jamie Amirault wins $12,347 with #22899

BTC director Ruth Ann Moger happily hands the cheque to Alyssa and Jamie at Superstore, where Alyssa played Jamie’s winning number.

Jamie Amirault, of Black Point, was at work when he got the BTC call late in the afternoon of April 17. “I was pretty much done for the day at that point,” he says, chuckling.

His girlfriend, Alyssa Moar, played his toonie for him that week. “She always says, ‘Don’t forget to play… that’s when your number will be drawn!'”

While he seemed surprised to win, he had a ready answer when asked how he will spend his winnings: “We’ve got a sick cat, Spinnaker, at the vet right now, so it will help with that bill.

“We’re also house shopping—some will go towards the down payment.”

Since then, two weeks later, Jamie and Alyssa have had an offer accepted on their first house, in Indian Point. “We were eyeing a place, thinking about maybe making an offer, and then winning BTC kind of put us over the edge,” he says. “We now close on June 7.”

As for Spinnaker? “He’s recovering,” says Jamie. “We’re expecting to hear any day now that we’ll be able to take him home. Our thanks go to St. Margaret’s Bay Animal Hospital for all its good care.”

April 10, 2019: Darlene Pentz wins $12,328 with #1303

BTC volunteer Shelley Glover (L) presents Darlene Pentz with her winner’s cheque for $12,328.

On hearing she won, Darlene Pentz of Hammonds Plains, said, “WOW! isn’t that wonderful! I’ve played my number every week… well, my neighbour has been playing it for me for a while now every week, since she is already out and about.

“I have a big car repair bill, and last year the roof and chimney needed work, so the money is already spent!”

Still, she planned to share some of her winnings with her son and daughter-in-law. “He told me I didn’t have to do that, and I said, ‘Yes, I know that; but I want to.’ I’ll also take a few people out for dinner.”

The last time Darlene won anything she was nine years old. “It was at a tea sale … My mom made me play. They had a boy’s and a girl’s prize. I won the boy’s prize and my mom said I could give it to my little brother.”

“I’ve been a volunteer all my life,” she says. “I first started when I was 16 as a Big Sister.

Bay Treasure Chest is the only lottery Darlene plays. “It’s a good lotto for the community… I especially appreciate the services for seniors,” she says, referring to the programs offered by the Seniors Association and BayRides. “We live so much longer now. Depending on your circumstances things can start to be a little bit tight.”

“I’m not a saint but I do try to support my community and help other people out. I am very fortunate because I have good health… that’s a gift I have,” says the retired ICU nurse. Your health is the most important thing you have, not money… though money helps to keep a roof over your head, and make things a little more enjoyable maybe.”

April 3, 2019: Kelli Swinimer wins $12,426 with #10030

Kelli with her cheque–and an unnamed bear–at D & Jo’s, where she played her winning number

Winner Kelli Swinimer, of Lakeside, shares the number 10030 with a friend, Kim Ingram, of Sackville. What will she do with $6,213? “Yesterday was my birthday,” she says, “so I might treat myself!” Part of her treat may very well involve going to Toronto to visit with her daughter. Congrats Kelli and Kim!

March 27, 2019: Sandra Cowie wins $52,378 with #16644

BTCA director Gwen Colman (left) with big-time winner Sandra Cowie, her husband Eddy, and granddaughters Rebecca and Kristen at D & Jo’s Country Market, Timberlea.

Sandra Cowie, whose Bay Treasure Chest number 16644 was drawn on March 27, says she’s been playing faithfully every week for the last few years. Still, the Timberlea resident says she didn’t expect to win.

“We were at home when the call came in… I thought someone was putting me on.” She then called one of her sons who lives in the same subdivision. “My granddaughters wanted to come with me to pick up the cheque, to see if it was real,” she says chuckling.

It was real, and Sandra took home a tidy sum of $52,378 for her trouble.

“Can you believe it,” she asks? I can’t… still can’t.”

The inevitable money question: what will she do with her windfall?

“It’s going fast!” she says. “I’m sharing it with the family. It’ll come in handy to pay off some bills. I never win anything, not big-time like that.

“I’m going through medical treatments so I’m not going away anywhere right now, but I might do something when I feel better.”

February 27, 2019: Phillip Covey wins $24,515 with #2048

Phillip Covey (left) gets a cheque from BTCA director Harry Ward at Lefty’s, Tantallon.

“We got home and there was a message on the phone,” says the Hacketts Cove resident. “I’m a contractor; the wife listened to it and thought it was someone looking for work to be done. Then she thought about it and thought, no… next our son texted us and said, ‘Did Dad win the Treasure Chest?’

“We put two and two together, called back and found out we won.”

His wife, Beth, plays weekly for a few people, including Phillip. “Good thing I got picked,” he says, laughing.

“We gave a little money to the kids, and are holding on to the rest for future things,” he says. Perhaps following a contractor’s creed to “measure twice, cut once,” Phillip says he doesn’t rush into anything… “but I can tell you the money won’t be wasted,” he adds.

Part of the appeal of the Bay Treasure Chest for Phillip is that you know some of the people who win: “I know four or five people in our little village alone,” he says. “It’s a great thing.”

February 14, 2019: Jillian Dube wins $49,048 with #11286

Jillian Dube holding the cheque (centre) with her 50/50 partner, Mom Marlene Dube (right), and D & Jo’s staffer Don Jensen.

On February 14, Jillian Dube of Timberlea won $49,048 with her Bay Treasure Chest number 11286. Although it’s the biggest win to date in BTC’s nearly five-year history, Jillian is actually taking home only half that—or $24,524—in this 50-50 community lottery.

The other $24,524 is going to her mom, Marlene Dube.

“About two years ago as we were each playing our numbers I said, ‘You know, this is crazy,’” says Marlene. “Why don’t I play the two numbers this week and you play them the next, and if we win, we will share.”

Back then the top prize was about $10,000, says Marlene. “I thought, winning $5,000 would be a ‘wow’… The prizes have got so big so fast!”

For the winning week it was Marlene’s turn to play. “She couldn’t find any toonies so she went out to her car and found two,” says Jill, who was at work when she got the call.

“I actually thought Bay Treasure Chest was calling me about volunteering,” she says chuckling.

“One of my co-workers said to our boss, ‘Jill has to leave early… She has 49,000 reasons to leave early!’ But I stuck out my shift. Of course, I’m not going to quit my job or do anything rash like that.”

Marlene says they’re both going to spend the money on things around the house. “We’re going to treat ourselves to something fun. I moved to Timberlea in 1990, the year Jill was born, and she recently bought a duplex in Timberlea. So she’s close; we’re close.

“We play our numbers religiously, and always say, ‘Maybe this is our week to win.’ But we never thought this would happen! That was our Valentine’s Day, which was pretty special: lots of love. It was exciting.”

Coincidentally, Dad and Hubby, Ray Dube just registered a Bay Treasure Chest number the same week that Mom and Daughter won. “We’ll see,” says Marlene. “He’s not the type that will play every week. Still, we’ll take him out for a burger and beer with our winnings.”

January 16, 2019: Roxanne Schnare wins $34,557 with #22459

Sharing the happy moment: Above, Roxanne Schnare, right, is shown with her husband, Wade, and Heather O’Riely, who works at Hubbards Pharmasave, where Roxanne’s toonie was played. Co-winner Devon Schnare had to work tonight when the photo was taken.

When Roxanne Schnare and her husband, Wade, of Chester, were driving by Hubbards Pharmasave on January 16, she says to him: “Did Devon play our toonie for today?”

Roxanne shares Bay Treasure Chest number 24791, with her 21-year-old son, Devon.

Little did she know that she would get her answer in a late afternoon phone call from Treasure Chest volunteer Fred Dolbel, telling her that she won $34,557!

“Devon works down at Louisiana Pacific and I work at Shoreham. When he brings my coffee over he’ll say, ‘Mom, I’m going down to play our toonies.’ That’s the way it usually happens, either on a Friday or a Sunday.

“He didn’t tell me this time, so when I went to an appointment that day I was like, did he or didn’t he play.”

Does Roxanne consider herself a lucky person? “I’m going to tell you something,” she says. “My son likes tattoos; I don’t know how many he already has.

“At Christmas I asked him, ‘What do you want, Devon.’

“‘Maybe a tattoo,’ he says.

“So I tell him, ‘You can get a tattoo but you have to get an elephant with its trunk facing up… that’ll bring us luck.’ And so that’s what he got.”

Ever since that, Roxanne says, they’ve been on a winning streak. “I go to bingo, and in December I was winning all the time–dribs and drabs of money, a 55-inch TV … and then in January we hit it big [with Bay Treasure Chest].

While Mom and son shared the winning number, after the win Devon also got his own number. “Mom, I’m getting my own number just in case I get the luck again,” he says. “I’ll give ya some if I win, but it will be my number.”