Stories from Bay Treasure Chest Winners


May 28, 2021: John (Greg) Hickey wins $8,840 with #16321

We have a Month of May Online Winner! John (Greg) Hickey of Hubley won $8,840 when his number 16321 was drawn.

Greg says he’s got a 50th wedding anniversary coming up next year, and his winnings might go towards a trip for him and his wife, Karen. “We can’t go anywhere now, but I’m hopeful for next year.” Just before the pandemic hit last year he renovated their kitchen, and is grateful for that. “It’s really getting used now,” he says. Last words? “I really appreciate contributing to the community.”

Shown here: BTC volunteer Anne Patrick gives Greg his cheque.

April 30, 2021: Terry Doyle wins $6,925 with #11518

Terry says he and his wife, Bonnie, of Stillwater Lake, have been playing Bay Treasure Chest since Day One, and were super surprised to win.
“I was out puttering in my workshop; Bonnie called me and said, ‘Get in here… Bay Treasure Chest is looking for you.’
“I am retired,” he adds, “and I putter full-time.”
The couple has passed their winnings to their two children and three grandchildren. “It’s all looked after,” says Terry. “They have all kinds of ideas what to do with their shares — it’s their business… but I always say,” he says, “just don’t waste it.”
When BTC volunteer Bill Roberts was at the Doyles’ house for a contactless cheque delivery, Terry says he wanted to thank him for volunteering “but he was back in the car before I thought of it again… It takes a lot of volunteers to make everything work.”

April 21, 2021: Kandace Gall wins $57,190 with #8824

Kandace is shown here with her daughter, Chelsea, getting her cheque from Bay Treasure Chest Association volunteer Harry Ward at Recardo’s, where she played her lucky number. “The number is actually shared among six people, some of my inlaws, so the jackpot will be split six ways,” says Kandace, of Glen Haven. “We would have all gone to Scotland, where my husband’s extended family lives… we’ve never been able to take the kids there. But with COVID, that’s not going to happen.” Still, she was a little breathless, a lot happy. “I haven’t really processed [the win] yet,” she adds.

March 26, 2021: Kim O’Blenis wins $5,355 with #10139

Kim is shown here with her dad, Bill Pelrine, getting a cheque from BTC volunteer Anne Patrick at the Community Enterprise Centre. “My dad and I buy three tickets for $20 every month,” says Kim, of Timberlea. “We split the cost, and now we’ll split the winnings.”
When asked if she was tempted to not tell her dad that she won, Kim laughed. “Gosh, no,” she says. “He was the first person I told. Besides,” she adds, “he lives next door so it might be hard to hide it.”
Bill is thinking about getting a new computer; Kim says she hasn’t had a chance to think about how to spend her windfall. “I’ve never won anything… this is very exciting! The money is going to sit safely in my bank account for now.”
Nevertheless, a celebration is in order. “We’ll probably have a really nice supper this weekend,” says Kim. #congrats #nofamilyfeud

March 17, 2021: Wilma Ross wins $27,670 with #4300

Shown here: Wilma gets her cheque from BTC volunteer Wayne Duguay in front of Superstore, where her winning toonie was played. The Upper Tantallon resident says she had a premonition that she might win today. “But I didn’t tell my husband because he would think I’m nuts,” she says chuckling.
“I don’t usually have premonitions and I’m not usually lucky, so there you go.” Wilma says she can’t blame Irish ancestry on her luck today, given she is Scottish. Still, she’ll take it.

February 26, 2021: Tabitha Hughes wins $11,150 with #11548

Tabitha was on her way home from work when she got the call from Bay Treasure Chest. “Of course, I was shocked,” says the Beechville resident. “I had been playing the Toonie Draw, then played the Online Draw for a couple of months, but had to take a break to save some money… I just started back, so I guess I picked the right month!
“I’m gonna pay off a bit of debt,” she adds, “and the rest will go into my house savings — I’m saving to buy a house. I’m from Timberlea, my dad’s from Hubley, I went to school in Tantallon. This is my area out here.”
Tabitha is shown here getting a cheque for $11,150 from the BTC’s Bill Roberts at the Community Enterprise Centre.

January 29, 2021: Lisa Pottie wins $10,975 with #12346

Lisa is shown far right, getting her cheque for $10,975 from the BTC’s Dolores Boutilier at St. Margaret’s Bay Community Enterprise Centre. Does she have plans for her winnings? “We’ll do a couple of things for our children, and my mom,” says Lisa, of Glen Haven. “And it would be really nice to put some funds away so when we’re allowed to travel again, we’ll have that paid for. We’ve done a lot of road trips in Nova Scotia this past year; this will allow us to visit more places we normally wouldn’t get to. We love to wake up on a Saturday and say, ‘Where do you want to go today?’
“There are so many local businesses that can use people like us who want to get out and about. It’s a perfect time to do it,” she adds.
For starters, it must be said that Lisa has to pay the piper. “I’m not usually lucky… my in-laws had just arrived from Cape Breton when I got the call. My father-in-law is super lucky… (they’re all lucky; they win at everything.) He’s my lucky charm!
“We’re gonna take them out tomorrow night.”


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