March 11, 2020
We have a ROLLOVER


NEXT DRAW: To be determined. Please see below

Dear BTC Players & Volunteers,

Some of you already know we postponed the March 18th draw given the COVID-19 risks. In fact all BTC draws have been temporarily suspended given they involve 50-60 volunteers to first count and track the numbers played, taking place over the course of an afternoon.

Most chests were picked up as usual starting at noon on March 18, the exception being the chest from St. Margaret’s Centre, which was picked up on Monday given the centre was closing for the foreseeable future. The contents of all chests are locked in a secure location until such time that the count and draw can be safely reorganized.

Anyone who played for the March 18th draw will be in the first draw when activities return to “normal.” Given all logistical and regulatory considerations it is too early for us to know if we can accommodate those who wanted to play for the March 18th draw but did not. We are governed by the Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division of Service Nova Scotia and this is new territory; we are obligated to consult with their advisors.

The Bay Treasure Chest directors will monitor the advice of Nova Scotia public health officials to evaluate when to reinstate the BTC draws. We will continue to send out an email to you every Wednesday night to keep you appraised of the draw status. We will inform players prior to relaunching the Bay Treasure Chest lottery back in the community.

We appreciate your support and are grateful for your understanding during this unprecedented situation.

It is our sincere wish that the BTC family stays well and looks out for one another.

BTCA ~ Making a difference in the community

BTCA board members on August 22, 2018, with Iain Rankin, from left: Ruth Ann Moger, Megan Harris, Lorna Zinck-Gordon, Heather Cochrane, Iain Rankin, Nick Horne, Harry Ward, Fred Dolbel, Beth McGee. (Not present: Gwen Colman, Shaun MacIntyre, Theresa Milligan, Rick Muzyk, Anne Patrick, Melan Sapp.) These individuals represent 12 non-profit organizations in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

On August 22, 2018, Iain Rankin, MLA Timberlea-Prospect, hosted a celebration at Halifax Exhibition Centre, on Prospect Road, for people in his constituency who make a difference.

“MLAs can read member statements and pass resolutions when the House is in session,” says former constituency assistant (and BTCA volunteer) Barb Allen. “So this recognition with individual names will be part of the official record of what is said in the House of Assembly.”

In other words, the little guy makes it into the big book of public transcripts, otherwise referred to as Hansard.

“What an amazing evening of recognizing community groups, organizations, athletes, advocates, businesses, and hundreds of individuals, of all ages and abilities from Timberlea-Prospect and surrounding communities,” noted Rankin.

Hear ye, hear ye! Congrats to all.

The Bay Treasure Chest Association operates a weekly 50/50 draw that gives players an opportunity to win cash, while supporting local community service organizations. The BTCA community, or catchment area, is defined as Districts 12 and 13 of the Halifax Regional Municipality and District 2 of the Municipality of Chester, as per BTCA By-Law 3.1. Find out more about the partner organizations involved here.

The Bay Treasure Chest Fundraiser provides many benefits including:

  • The player wins some extra, tax-free cash while helping to support Bay Area volunteer service organizations;
  • The communities and residents of our communities win with sustainable funding for scholarships, and many programs and services that benefit the people and environment; and,
  • The retail and other business supporters win with improved customer relations, and support of the local community and the environment.

Winners announced on our website, Facebook, Twitter,
and The Masthead News, as results become available.