October 21
50/50 Toonie Draw Results
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Next week’s jackpot is an estimated $41,000!


September 25
50/50 September Online Draw Results
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Name: Mike Crowley
Community: Tantallon





August 4, 2020

Some five months after the weekly Bay Treasure Chest Draw was suspended due to COVID-19 concerns, the Toonie Chests are going back in the community on August 5; the first draw is August 12.

“We have been making plans to re-launch the Toonie Draw with changes to our system that will meet the current Nova Scotia Health Authority safety protocols for minimizing the risk to volunteers taking part in the count,” says Bill Roberts, BTC operations committee co-chair. “The chests will be placed in retailers tomorrow, and the first draw will take place next Wednesday, August 12.”

The safety of our volunteers and our community is our priority,” says Roberts. “We’re resuming the draw because the situation appears to be under control, but if that changes, we’ll have to take appropriate action.”

As for the BTC’s Monthly Online Lottery, which launched on June 5, it will continue to operate. “Some people prefer to play online but in any case, in the event of a health-ordered shutdown, we want to be able to continue to raise funds to help our partner organizations support our communities during this challenging time,” says Roberts.

Joan Redmond, a toonie count volunteer, couldn’t be happier that the Toonie Draw is resuming. “I enjoy the camaraderie: everyone is there because they want to be involved. There’s a lot of good people in the background,” she says.

Redmond, a retired nurse, says she has no concerns about going back. “We’ll use hand sanitizer, gloves and masks. I don’t enjoy wearing a mask but… you’ll be with people again,” she says.

“When I’m invited back, I’ll be smiling behind the mask.”

Thank you to our retailers for being keen to have the chests back in play! Click here for instructions on how and where to play.

June 5, 2020

The Bay Treasure Chest Weekly 50/50 Toonie Draws are currently suspended in view of ongoing COVID-19 concerns and cautions.

However, we have a new, online Bay Treasure Chest 50/50, offering players a chance to win a cash prize and, at the same time, providing funds for the programs and projects offered by the Bay Treasure Chest Partners. BTC Monthly Online 50/50 is totally online, so players can participate from the safety of their own homes. Check it out!

Bay Treasure Chest Monthly Online is a registered lottery with Service Nova Scotia, Alcohol and Gaming Division. License: AGD-305922-20.

BTCA ~ Making a difference in the community

BTCA board members on August 22, 2018, with Iain Rankin, from left: Ruth Ann Moger, Megan Harris, Lorna Zinck-Gordon, Heather Cochrane, Iain Rankin, Nick Horne, Harry Ward, Fred Dolbel, Beth McGee. (Not present: Gwen Colman, Shaun MacIntyre, Theresa Milligan, Rick Muzyk, Anne Patrick, Melan Sapp.) These individuals represent 12 non-profit organizations in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

On August 22, 2018, Iain Rankin, MLA Timberlea-Prospect, hosted a celebration at Halifax Exhibition Centre, on Prospect Road, for people in his constituency who make a difference.

“MLAs can read member statements and pass resolutions when the House is in session,” says former constituency assistant (and BTCA volunteer) Barb Allen. “So this recognition with individual names will be part of the official record of what is said in the House of Assembly.”

In other words, the little guy makes it into the big book of public transcripts, otherwise referred to as Hansard.

“What an amazing evening of recognizing community groups, organizations, athletes, advocates, businesses, and hundreds of individuals, of all ages and abilities from Timberlea-Prospect and surrounding communities,” noted Rankin.

Hear ye, hear ye! Congrats to all.

The Bay Treasure Chest Association currently operates two 50/50 draws that give players an opportunity to win cash, while supporting local community service organizations. The BTCA community, or catchment area, is defined as Districts 12 and 13 of the Halifax Regional Municipality and District 2 of the Municipality of Chester, as per BTCA By-Law 3.1. Find out more about the partner organizations involved here.

The Bay Treasure Chest Fundraiser provides many benefits including:

  • The player wins some extra, tax-free cash while helping to support Bay Area volunteer service organizations;
  • The communities and residents of our communities win with sustainable funding for scholarships, and many programs and services that benefit the people and environment; and,
  • The retail and other business supporters win with improved customer relations, and support of the local community and the environment.

Winners announced on our website, Facebook, Twitter,
and The Masthead News, as results become available.