Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] How do I get a number to play?
Registration forms are available from the Participating Retailers and at special events of the Bay Treasure Chest.
Complete the form and deposit in a Bay Treasure Chest.
You may start playing right away.
This number is your number for life or until you cancel your number.

[Q] How do I play the Bay Treasure Chest Toonie lottery?
Go to a Participating Retailer.
Take a sticker from the Bay Treasure Chest display (or ask the retailer).
Clearly write your number on the sticker.
Put the sticker in the centre of the Toonie and deposit it in the Bay Treasure Chest.

[Q] Can I use another type of sticker?
No, we cannot guarantee it will stick properly.

[Q] Can I put the Bay Treasure Chest Toonie lottery registration in my child’s name?
No, the NS Lottery Licence requires all players be 19-years of age or older.

[Q] When is the draw?
Boxes are picked up shortly after 12:00 Noon every Wednesday. Weather conditions may cause a delay in pick-up.
The draw takes place every Wednesday evening in a secure room, and is witnessed by at least three people.
Players are encouraged to play before Noon on Wednesday – Toonies played after that time may not be in the current week’s draw.

[Q] Is the draw made from the Toonies played that week?
No, the draw is made from just the registered numbers, including those that were registered during the week up until the pick-up time.

[Q] How long is my number in the draw?
The number is yours until you cancel it. If you wish to withdraw your number, inform the Bay Treasure Chest by email to

[Q] Can I play more than one number?
Yes, but you must first complete another Registration Form for each new number.

[Q] Is there a benefit to playing the same number several times in one week?
No. As the draw is from the registered numbers, it is better to play more than one number, not the same number multiple times.

[Q] What is the prize?
50% of the amount collected that week goes to the winner. The remaining 50% goes equally to the designated St. Margaret’s Bay non-profit organizations for their community service projects.

[Q] Is there a winner every week?
Not necessarily. If a registered number is drawn and that number was not played that week, the prize rolls over to the next week. After 4 consecutive rollover weeks, on the 5th week draws will continue until a winning number is drawn.

[Q] How many St. Margaret’s Bay non-profit groups are supported?
The designated St. Margaret’s Bay non-profit organizations participating in the Bay Treasure Chest Community Fundraiser are shown on the Community page.

[Q] Can I play in advance?
Only for the next draw. Toonie plays are accepted in the Bay Treasure Chest boxes only before the weekly cut-off time of Noon on Wednesdays. You may make private arrangements for a trusted person to play for you when you are not available; however, the Participating Retailers and Bay Treasure Chest Management are not allowed to perform this function.

[Q] Can I obtain a tax receipt for any money played on the lottery?
No. Because the Bay Treasure Chest is also a 50/50 lottery, the Toonie plays are not considered charitable contributions for tax receipt purposes.

[Q] If I am a winner, how am I notified?
The winner will be contacted by phone and/or email as soon as possible after the draw.
Winners will be listed on the Bay Treasure Chest website, on Facebook, at the retailers, and in the next edition of The Masthead News.
The previous draw winnings are listed at each Bay Treasure Chest box location.

[Q] If I win, will my name and photo be published?
Bay Treasure Chest reserves the right to publish the name, winning number, and photo of the winner. However, winners will not be forced to have their pictures published. If there is no winner for the week, the number drawn and ‘roll-over’ winnings will still be published.

[Q] If I win, how do I collect my winnings?
Bay Treasure Chest Management will contact the winner and arrange a meeting time and place where they will be presented with a cheque.

[Q] Do I have to play at the same location every week?
No, you can play at any one of our Participating Retailer locations.

[Q] What happens if I forget my number?
Your unique number is registered with Bay Treasure Chest. If you have forgotten your number, please contact Bay Treasure Chest by telephone, email, or by regular mail.

Tip for remembering your number – Take a BTC sticker and put it on the back of your credit or debit card with your number.

[Q] Do you have to live in the St. Margaret’s Bay area in order to play?
No, you do not. However, the retailers where you play are in the St. Margaret’s Bay area only; the funds raised via the 50-50 lottery are invested in projects, programs and services exclusively in the Bay area.

[Q] Are the volunteers, partners, retailers, sponsors, and other organizations associated with the Bay Treasure Chest — including employees, spouses, and other direct family members or individuals residing in the same household — eligible to play the game?
Yes. Strict security and transparency allow the draws from registered numbers to be random and fair.