How to Play

Drop by one of our retail partner locations and fill out one of our registration forms. Each has a unique number, which is your player number. Register in one name only. You can register as many times as you like. That number/those numbers remain registered to you unless retired by you in writing.

Tear off and keep your copy of the form, depositing the registration portion in the treasure chest. You can start playing right away. You will receive email confirmation of your registration within 2 weeks; if you do not, please contact us.

To be eligible to win a weekly draw, you must play a toonie with your registered number on it that week. Print your number clearly on one of the yellow BTC stickers provided at the side of each of our chests. Attach one sticker to one side of the toonie and drop it in the chest.

The cut-off time for play each week is Wednesday at noon. Weekly draws from registered numbers are made every Wednesday afternoon. Winners are contacted by phone, and their name is announced on our social media and website, in our weekly newsletter, on Cove-FM, in The Masthead News, and at participating retail locations.

Note: The draw’s value is 50% of the week’s total pool. If the number drawn has not been played that week, the pot is carried over and added to the next week’s prize. After four consecutive rollovers, draws will continue until a number that has been played that week is drawn. Winners have 90 days from draw date to claim their prize. Should a winner not collect their prize within 90 days, a second draw will be held.

Where to Play

Play your toonie at these participating retailers:

Rules of Play


  • The BTCA reserves the right to make changes to these playing rules without notice.
  • The most current version of this document, as approved by the Board of Directors of BTCA and by the Nova Scotia government Alcohol and Gaming
  • Division, shall govern (see
  • Changes to registration or deregistration requests accepted only by: written, signed, dated note in a BTC chest; an email to; a private message to BTC Facebook page; or mail (Unit 1 – 5229 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Upper Tantallon, NS B3Z 4R5).



  • The registrant must be an individual person of at least 19 years of age.
  • If multiple names appear on a registration form, the first name is deemed to be the registrant.
  • Registered number(s) belong to the registrant for life unless deregistered.
  • All requests to alter or deregister a registration must be from the registrant.
  • Registrants bear sole responsibility for ensuring their contact information is up to date.
  • Should a registrant die, their number(s) must either be re-registered to a living person or deregistered. For this purpose only, BTCA will accept notice from an executor or next of kin.
  • To play more than once per week, register more than one number. There is no limit to how many numbers a person may register and play.
  • The number may be played as soon as the registration form is put in the BTCA chest.
  • Should they win, registrant agrees to the publication of their name, stories and images.



  • It costs $2 for each entry (play) in the draw.
  • Each number must be printed legibly on a BTC sticker. BTCA recommends using a fine-point permanent marker such as Sharpie Ultra Fine Point.
  • The BTC number sticker must be placed on Canadian currency and put in a BTCA chest at a participating retailer for a chance to win.
  • Cut-off time to play is noon each Wednesday.
  • Registrant is responsible for playing the correct number in the chest marked for the desired week.
  • Playing one number? Best: one sticker on a $2 coin (toonie); Acceptable: two stickers (same number), one on each of two $1 coins.
  • Playing more than one number? Best: use a separate $2 coin for each number.
  • More than one number? Acceptable: one $5 bill with 3 numbers plus a $1 coin with one of those 3 numbers; two $5 bills, each with 3 numbers, with 1 of those numbers on both bills; one $10 bill with a total of 5 numbers; one $20 bill with a total of 10 numbers
  • If the quantity of BTC stickers on a bill multiplied by 2 is less than the value of the bill, the surplus is considered a donation. A coin without a number sticker is considered a donation.
  • If several numbers are being played using a combination of bills and $2 or $1 coins, the entire amount may be played in a sealed plastic bag/ envelope with all BTC stickers attached to the backing strip or to every item of currency.
  • Unacceptable: any coins with a value of less than $1; use of tape to bind coins and/or bills.
  • Disqualifications: if the quantity of numbered BTC stickers on a bill multiplied by 2 exceeds the denomination of the bill, the BTC sticker(s) bearing the highest number(s) will be disqualified; if there are 2 BTC number stickers (one on each side of a $2 or $1 coin) with different numbers, the sticker bearing the highest number will be disqualified; numbers of questionable legibility are reviewed by a panel of 3 BTCA volunteers. If the panel cannot arrive at a consensus, the number is disqualified without recourse or redress.



  • The prize consists of half the total amount played and donated in the current week, plus rollover(s) (if any) from previous weeks.
  • Draws will be made at Estabrooks Community Hall each Wednesday before 5:30 pm.
  • The winner is the registrant of the drawn number. To claim a prize, photo ID and proof of age must be shown by the registrant, preferably in person.
  • Results will be announced on the BTCA website, in the weekly email newsletter to players, on social media, on Cove FM, in The Masthead News and at participating retail locations.
  • If the number drawn was registered but not played, there is no winner, and the prize rolls over to the next week. After four consecutive rollover weeks, on the fifth week, draws continue until a number is drawn that has been played.
  • If a prize is unclaimed after 90 days following the original draw date, a second draw will be held for that prize; the draw continues until a registered number is drawn that was played that week.
  • Should the registrant of the number drawn be deceased at the time of the draw, the prize will be awarded to the estate.

Playing Tips

  1. Take your own Toonie, don’t ask for change – make sure you have your Toonie(s) ready when you play at the retail locations instead of asking them for change.
  2. Don’t forget your number – take one of our stickers, write your number on it and stick it on the back of e.g. a debit/credit/other card that you always have with you.
  3. Make your Toonie count – the draw is from the registered numbers, not the Toonies, if you want more than one chance to win, register for, and play, multiple numbers, not the same number on multiple Toonies.
  4. Don’t make us guess what number you played – write your number clearly on the sticker, if you don’t think it’s clear enough throw the sticker away and use a fresh one… and, please, just one sticker per Toonie.
  5. Do not play a number registered to a person who is deceased, or register a number for anyone else who can’t win: someone under 19, for example, or a pet.

Winners announced on our website, Facebook, Twitter,
and The Masthead News, as results become available.